Following a cancer diagnosis, you are at the heart of Sercan's preoccupations. as such, we are here to help you in these hard times. We invite you to communicate with us today at 450-491-1912 ext 210.

Member testimonials

"I had the chance to use the transportation services during my treatments at the Cité de la Santé Cancer Center in Laval.
All the volunteer drivers, without exception, showed extraordinary kindness, courtesy and punctuality during this difficult ordeal.

Thanks to Sercan and all his volunteers without forgetting the kindness and help of Ms. Lévesque."

- Alain Brouillette

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Become a member if you wish to receive the benefits of theses services

(To receive your membership card, you need to pay an annual fee of 10$. Our volunteer coordinator would be more than happy to share you the details, you can call at 450-491-1912 ext 210)

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