Sercan Volunteering

Sercan is always searching for individuals who offers their time for a variety of tasks. There are multiple ways to help people with cancer, their loved ones and those who are grieving. Our needs are numerous and you would surely be of great help to us in relation of your own interests:

  • Medical transport
  • Accompanying and preparation of meals for the palliative care
  • Greeting/Reception
  • Host for support groups
  • Accompanying individuals or groups
  • Assistance for community lunches
  • Assistance for financial activities

Being financed for 50% by donations and financial activities, the Foundation must organise multiple campaigns for the entire year. The Sercan Foundation is always seaching for assistance face-to-face, in administration, in sollicitation as well as assistance during financial activities and their daily operations.

A little word from our volunteers

"In the kitchen, I like making good breakfasts, I also like being with the people who are passing through here. The people I work with at Sercan form a great team and it’s very pleasant to interact with each of them. The Sercan team listens to volunteers, and the environment is pleasant. Fundraising activities are great to do as a team and I love the positive feeling I get from them. When I have the privilege of being in contact with patients, I discover life stories which are magnificent because each one is unique. The gift itself satisfies my curiosity, and allows me to grow as an individual, thank you life, here at Sercan."

-Denis Barriault

"I am 74 years old and I enjoy volunteering. Why volunteer? Very simple, I like to be of service, to help others and bring them a little human warmth. The people for whom we involve ourselves have so much to offer. Unlike them, I am lucky enough to be healthy, so why not reach out to others with tenderness by offering them our presence and our smiles."

-Francine Mondou

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