The Sercan Foundation

The foundation offers you a variety of activities for it's community.

Inform yourselves with our list of activities we are offering this year at the bottom of this page. Hope to see you there!

You wish to organize your own financial activity to support the foundation? Call at 450-491-1912 ext 206, you will be supported and enoucouraged in your approach!

Our mission

The Sercan Foundation has the mission of collecting and manage the necessary donations so that the palliative care home can offer free care for it's community aswell as accompanying services for those who have a cancer diagnosis and for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one. In that remark, the Foundation has the objective to create and maintain strong relations with it's community thanks to it's donators, volunteers, suppliers and sponsors.

News-Letter (In french only)

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Did you know the Sercan Foundation...

750 000$ is needed annually, to ensure the continuity of the Sercan palliative care home's mission


2 790 000$

Is the amount necessary to finance our organization annually.



Of the operation fees are covered by the government.


465$ per bed per day

to maintain the beds


750 000$

annual amount that the Sercan Foundation must collect to ensure de sustainability of the palliative care home / Sercan.


In November, we wear the pin for the cause!

In November, support the patients in their final moments aswell as their loved ones, by wearing the Sercan pin available for purchase in our offices for 5$. All gestures are important and can make a real difference.

The Sercan home encourages it's community in offering their donations and make fundraisings in profit of the Sercan Palliative Care Home within the duration of the month.

We support all initiatives and we encourage to communicate with us for more information: or by calling 450-491-1912 ext 206.

Of course, nothing stops you from wearing it all year long!

There are more ways for you to help us!

The activities organized by the Sercan Foundation helps in keeping the operations running of the palliative care home and Sercan itself, they also allow the preservation of the free palliative care services offered here.

You wish to support Sercan with your company, your employees or colleagues? There are plentiful of ideas: a sports tournament, a challenge in between employees, a half-half raffle or a marathon. It is easy to create a partnership with the Sercan Home. Communicate with us at 450-491-1912 ext 206

On another note, there are easy options available to you if you don't have a lot of time for organization because... helping a cause shouldn't be complicated and you should enjoy the experience.

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